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About The Dorset Woodsman

The Dorset Woodsman


Shaun, otherwise known as The Dorset Woodsman, is a member of The Dorset Coppice Group. His love of nature and his creative spirit combine to bring a unique touch to your garden or outdoor space. 


All wood and materials are locally sourced from sustainable Dorset woodlands managed by Shaun. All products ordered from The Dorset Woodsman have a positive environmental impact and support the continuation of traditional rural skills.  

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Shaun's great grandfather was also a Dorset hurdle maker based in Milton Abbas early in the last century. He produced hurdles to be used on sheep farms and gardens using exactly the same skills and techniques as Shaun does today.
Shaun is proud to be able to continue this family tradition, following in the footsteps of his great grandfather. He passionately believes that without the support of local people, the skills and knowledge used to build hurdles and handmade rustic furniture will be lost forever.
Local, handmade, sustainable hurdles and rustic furniture are undergoing a renaissance. These days, people recognise the value of using an ecological alternative, as well as appreciating the natural beauty of hand crafted products.
Materials are locally sourced by The Dorset Woodsman from sustainable Dorset woodland.
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