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The Dorset Woodsman
Dorset Hurdle Making
Dorset Coppice Group
Building a hurdle
The Dorset Woodsman
Garden arches in dorset
Blending with Nature

Rustic Natural Beauty

Sustainably Sourced

Meet The Dorset Woodsman


Shaun Harvell is The Dorset Woodsman. Shaun's great grandfather was also a professional hurdle maker at the turn of the last century in Milton Abbas, Dorset. He proudly continues this family tradition of hurdle making and garden art, based from Shapwick, near Blandford Forum.

Fencing & Garden Screening


Learn more about the fencing options available to you. Add character to your garden with bespoke hurdles that are made to measure. Hurdles are the tasteful, sustainable choice, blending perfectly with your surroundings and complimenting the natural environment.

"Let light into the forest.

Let the woodland grow again."

Bespoke Fencing

Helps Encourage Wildlife

Supports Traditional Skills

Quality Fencing Solutions

Unique & Handmade

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Artwork, Interiors & Living Sculptures


Each piece is inspired by nature. Truly unique works of art that live and breathe in your garden, outdoor space or interior. Enjoy the beauty of nature in your home and garden.

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